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At Haldane Fisher, we understand the importance of keeping your space warm while also reducing energy costs and minimising environmental impact. That's why we offer a diverse range of insulation solutions tailored to suit both pitched and flat roofs.

Our selection of roof and loft insulation  has products from trusted brands like Isover and Xtratherm, known for their reliability and effectiveness. Whether you're looking for rolls, slabs, or boards, we have options to fit your specific needs. Plus, with various thicknesses available, you can achieve optimal coverage for your insulation project, ensuring maximum heat retention and sound reduction.

Installing roof insulation not only helps better thermal performance but also contributes to a quieter and more comfortable living environment. By preventing heat loss through the roof, you'll enjoy greater energy efficiency and lower utility bills year-round. Additionally, our insulation solutions help reduce airborne sound, giving you added privacy within your home.

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Our Reliable Roof & Loft Insulation Range

We will have something for every customer, our range of insulation products tick all the boxes. We don’t just offer Roof and loft insulation, here are some of the other insulation options available:

As well as that, we also offer cavity closers, rockwool and fixings. You can explore our range of insulation products online, or you can pay us a visit at your local branch.

Heat Up Your Roof and Loft with Haldane Fisher

Upgrade your insulation today and experience the difference it can make in your home. From energy savings to improved acoustics, our insulation products deliver benefits that you'll appreciate for years to come. Discover the power of quality roof and loft insulation with Haldane Fisher.

For more information or any questions, get in touch.